Linux – who ¿quién está logeado en mi máquina?

por | 10 junio, 2015

who muestra quién está logeado en la máquina.

who sin argumentos puestra quién está logeado:


# who
guest   pts/3       2009-05-04 07:56 (
guest2   pts/4       2009-05-04 07:57 (
s80usr   pts/6       2009-05-04 11:41 (


who [OPTION]… [ FILE | ARG1 ARG2 ]



-a, –all
same as -b -d –login -p -r -t -T -u

-b, –boot
time of last system boot

-d, –dead
print dead processes

-H, –heading
print line of column headings

-l, –login
print system login processes

attempt to canonicalize hostnames via DNS

-m     only hostname and user associated with stdin

-p, –process
print active processes spawned by init

-q, –count
all login names and number of users logged on

-r, –runlevel
print current runlevel

-s, –short
print only name, line, and time (default)

-t, –time
print last system clock change

-T, -w, –mesg
add user’s message status as +, – or ?

-u, –users
list users logged in

same as -T

same as -T

–help display this help and exit


output version information and exit


If FILE is not specified, use /var/run/utmp. /var/log/wtmp as FILE is common. If ARG1 ARG2

given, -m presumed: `am i’ or `mom likes’ are usual.



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